Our experienced therapists and admin team work together to ensure your experience of seeking support is the best and most effective it can be. We are committed to making the process feel safe, caring, and positive – with you leading the way.

Proven track record in mental health

Our tailored approach to therapy and dedication to empowering your journey makes CBT Networks a trusted therapy provider for both clients and other professionals. 

Don’t just take our word for it, see some of our testimonials below. 


How CBT can help....

“I would recommend you to anyone and actually have many times to friends. My life isn’t perfect yet and I understand that it won’t ever be because I’ll always want my mum but now I can feel that I’m not a disappointment to her and have a life which she can be proud of…I feel able to tackle my own problems so much better now…Uni is such a dream come true right now and I have a group of friends that I never thought I could have considering how much I hated myself and don’t feel completely defined by my pain and that’s something I needed so desperately.”
– Emma, a 17-year-old student whose mother died in Emma’s final year of GCSE’s.

I feel able to tackle my own problems so much better now..."

“CBT was very useful – it helped me level my mood and keep it positive. It helped bring me out of some very dark places. I found that counselling never really seemed to work for me, and CBT was the only thing that did help. I learned so much about self-management and how to control certain emotions…I am now much happier, and I can get on and enjoy life.”
– Harry, a 17-year-old student, who suffered with depression for which he had 12 sessions of CBT.

I'm now much happier and can get on and enjoy life..."

“CBT got me through a major episode of burnout with sane and sensible suggestions for different approaches and behaviours. More recently, I have suffered from a long-term disabling illness and CBT has helped me find ways of living a happy and fulfilling life within the new constraints. [CBT] felt comfortable, sensible, supportive, and effective. It helped me learn my own ways out of the problems.”
– Phoebe, 69-year-old with burnout and chronic fatigue for which she had 20 sessions.

It helped me learn my own ways out of the problems....”

Personalised treatment plans

Everyone is unique so one size doesn’t fit all in therapy. This is why our therapists always deal with clients in an unbiased way and provide a tailored approach to individual needs.

Right from the start, every consideration is given– from the day and time of sessions to the therapist you will work with – to ensure that you will get the most out of therapy.

Your therapist will work with you to formulate a personalised treatment plan to achieve your goals for therapy.



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